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Top 5 Linux Utilities for Network Engineers

It’s common for a Linux engineer to hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or engineering or have equivalent experience. Stay up to date with the newest courses, certifications, and promotions from the LF training team. Open your linux shell and try everything explained above and boost your skills daily,we learn better with more hands-on experience. Displays the distribution name, and version, in a shorter format compared to the previous command with additional information.

linux for network engineers

She currently attends Eastern New Mexico University as a computer science major. She focuses on writing about Linux and other subjects in technology because she believes in making technology accessible for all. In the future, CentOS Stream is likely to become the best option for anyone seeking an RHEL-adjacent distribution. Much like Fedora, CentOS Stream is a distribution that stays in line with the development of RHEL. It serves as the upstream edition of RHEL, meaning that the content in the latest edition of CentOS Stream is likely to appear in RHEL’s next release.

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My home network was routed by a Pentium 2 workstation running Slackware and configured with IP forwarding and IP tables. In 2003, I attended a CCNA boot camp; the other students and I practiced routing protocols (RIP and OSPF) by building an overlay point-to-point network between our houses. We used OpenVPN linux network engineer for the tunneling and then RIP and OSPF inside the tunnels. You can choose between TCP or UDP traffic and set the destination port, bandwidth rate (if UDP is selected), DSCP marking, and TCP window size. The UDP iperf test can also be used to generate multicast traffic and test your PIM infrastructure.

linux for network engineers

Linux is commonly preferred among network engineers—so if you’ve thought about installing it for your work, you’re not alone. The world of Linux is growing, and there’s demand for up-and-coming engineers. Linux can be a complex system to learn, but it’s a valuable skill for IT professionals. Becoming a Linux engineer means overseeing the processes of installing servers and transitioning hardware from other operating systems into Linux. If you want to perform testing and troubleshooting while monitoring system performance, then Linux engineer could be your next move.

Why become a Network Engineer?

Although, there are many factors that influence salary such as location, job level, years of experience, company size and more. Thank you for your interest in Linux Foundation training and certification. Take advantage of job acquisition services, such as Resume Creator and Online Reputation Builder to accelerate your search for your dream job. An Interview Coach prepares you for that crucial interaction with targeted employers—your booster rocket above the competition. 3) SDN controllers such as OpenDaylight, ONOS, RYU and APIC-EM run on Linux.You will find that many SDN tools require Linux. Learn the most in-demand business, tech and creative skills from industry experts.

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